Life Purpose

The holy light
That came into
My eyes

The divine fire
That was burnt
Into my heart
On the
Sixth day,

My Life Purpose
Sacred Mission:

To hold these
Infinite containers
For all of us


To stoke the
Fire of transformation
In all beings.



Learning The Influencer’s Mantra

the Philosophy, Archetypes, Dynamics and Forces Influencing Change


Change artists practice the art of influence. Have you wondered how they know what to do at just the right time? What forms the basis for their practice? Would you like to improve your influencing skills?

In this workshop you will:

  • Gain skill in creating safety for change through Influence Mapping
  • Learn how Influencer archetypes and Dynamics both enable and sabotage change
  • Take away your “Mantra” to help you influence Agile adoption or any change

The Influencers Mantra:
Mantra (n): A word or group of words, an act or a series of acts – all considered capable of creating “transformation”. (“man” – mind + “tra” – liberation).

This workshop examines the Influencer’s unique challenge and provides a “Mantra” for the Influencer to become more effective.  We start the workshop with the Influencer’s philosophy, archetypes, dynamics, and forces before, during and after change.

For Whom:
This workshop is for Influencers. Change Artists who want to knowing themselves deeply and understand the “hero’s journey” that has been their life so far, and what’s next for them.

The Journey Inward:
We journey inward into the Influencer’s the mental models. Participants will create their influence map. They’ll learn what influences them, how they influence, and where they are on their Influencer’s journey. This results in clarity of their true personal vision and Influencer archetypes.

The Journey Outward:
Turning outward, we’ll interactively explore the Influencer’s philosophy, archetypes, dynamics, and forces during change. In groups we’ll experience how Mantras interact. Then we’ll draw the Influence map based on the interactions. Using that Influence map we’ll generate information and ideas on how to improve their change experience. Finally we’ll apply those ideas to the change process.

The Mantra:
Finally, we summarize the “Mantra” that helps Influencers during change in any context. What does the context want/need?  What is the philosophy for change? What archetypes are available or missing? What forces are involved in the change?

Workshop Outcomes:
At the end of the workshop participants will have clarity into their personal vision. They’ll be able to draw influence maps showing the philosophy, archetypes, dynamics and forces for change. As a change artist / influencer they’ll know the mantra for adopting and influencing successful change initiatives.


June 8, 2012 (0900 – 1700) Participation limited to 16



Toronto Canada


$ 425 Early Bird, now until May 31, 2012

$ 525 June 1 – June 8, 2012

Registration and Payment:

Please register at Eventbrite

About Siraj Sirajuddin:

Siraj has provided change management coaching and leadership to large and medium-sized organizations such as LeanKit, Ft. Huachuca, Ultimate Software, Labcorp, Elemica, ShoreTel, Winn Dixie Stores, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae etc. He has deep and varied domain and functional knowledge and process improvement experience using systems thinking, Lean, Kanban, Agile, CMMI, Six Sigma, PMBOK, SOX, BASEL and HIPAA. Siraj organizes the Agile Coach Camp USA and is a member of the Society of Organizational Learning North America Implementation Committee.

About Don Gray:
Don’s quest to answer “What is the earliest indicator for a project’s status?” has led him to become proficient in communication, personality types, team styles, systems thinking and human systems dynamics. His clients range from small startups to Fortune 50 involving manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial, engineering and telecommunications. Don’s varied interests and client experience enable him to help clients introduce change and build adaptive capacity. He conducts workshops on accelerating change, personality type, and retrospectives.  Don occasionally writes articles that can be found in STQE, Better Software and on StickyMinds. His blog can be found Don co-founded and continues to Host the AYE Conference.


A Visual Story of Temenos – April 2012

Here is my visual report from Temenos – April 2012. The first picture is of my Mandala on Supplication, the second is my Influence Map and the third is my Mandala on Temenos. I invite your comments and interpretations as always!

For those interested in a textual narrative please read Andrea or Peter’s blog posts.

I look forward to the next Temenos in May! Excited and Overjoyed is the state of your …






Invitation to Temenos!


Welcome to my studio – Temenos !

Temenos is a container for my experiments and ideas. This zone of intense creative energy includes space for sitting, working, reading, exercise and nourishment. The door opens out to nature and animals.

This is also where I host my coaching sessions with my amazing clients. The walls of my studio are covered with Influence Maps and Mandalas from around the world. Maybe your story will join them soon!

C’mon over for a visit. Email me siraj at siraju dot com and let us set up our own Temenos !

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Departed Soulmate

Learn to hold
the hand of the man
who takes his child to the grave.

Bless the fawn
that remembers
her mothers’ milk.

Pray for cure
or at least mercy
for the one
who is on the edge of disease.

Begin your day
with a million names
one for every soul
who has lived and died

You will never die
I will never die.

and its gifts
will continue
for you and me.

Our shapes
and our colors
will change.

and dear ones
will become
more colorful
and less visible.

When you smile and cry
for the dear departed
I smile and cry with you.


When they all
will smile and cry
for you and me,
we will be
playing sweet games

with our dear departed.
(For the sweet memory of my several departed soulmates… Kavita Baloo, Christa “Rose” Sommer, Nooruddin, Rahima Bi, Sakina, Mala, Fenn Sam David, Sandeep …)